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The Band


Heep Freedom (founded and located in Budapest, Hungary) performs the songs of the legendary British classic hard rock band Uriah Heep in original instrumentation. Our mission is to let more people know the songs of the legendary band.


Most of our repertoire’s songs were born in the band’s first wave era, but we also play songs from the 80s, as well as songs that are rarely performed by Uriah Heep anymore, although they are highly appreciated by the audience.


We try our best to stay authentic to the classic Uriah Heep vibe and to bring a similar concert experience like it was back in the 70s and 80s.


The authentic instruments we use helps us recreate that classic Heep sound we all love.

  • Hammond C3, Hammond M100
  • Leslie 145 and 122
  • Minimoog Model D
  • Fender J-Bass and P-Bass
  • Ampeg and Acoustic 370 Amp
  • Gibson and Epiphone guitars
  • Marshall and Orange amps
  • Vintage Ludwig drums, Ludwig and Hayman (Identical to Lee Kerslake’s) snare drums.


In the past few years, our band had numerous performances. Besides our stand-alone concerts, we were lucky enough to have performed with some highly recognized guest artists. In 2018, we had the honor to play with Ken Hensley - the founder, songwriter and former keyboardist of Uriah Heep – who joined us on the stage of a popular Hungarian music festival.

Call us, we're going!

We are happy to fulfill any request, therefore we accept shorter-duration, warm-up band performances. We are also open for contributing in events of more than one musical performances and we can take on a stand-alone concert for up to two hours. Our band is willing to present only live music productions, adapting to the possibilities of the location.

Gábor Tüdődi

Guitars, Vocals

Roland Körmendi

Lead Singer

Joci Márkosi

Hammond Organ, Moog and Keyboards

Imi Várkonyi

Bass, Vocals

Szergej Kaminszki



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